Spera Volume II – Preview

You can now take a peek at the first few pages of Spera Volume II here. Congratulations to all contributors!

First chapter is done by Giannis Milonogiannis who is well-known for his Old City Blues comic.  Other chapters are done by Kyla Vanderklugt, Afu Chan (me) and Timothy Weaver.  The book will also consists short stories by Michael Dialynas, Mikkel Sommer, Paul Maybury, Kris Mukai, Zac Gorman, Louis Roskosch, Rachel S. (Baru), Julia Scott, Anna Wieszczyk/Ed Brisson, Roman Muradov and Polly Guo.

I worked on the main/chapter covers, character designing and one of the main stories.  I also did pin-ups along with other artists like Roxie Vizcarra, Nick Edwards, Jake Wyatt and Joanna Krótka.

Most importantly, thanks to Josh Tierney (writer/creator/editor) again for bringing us to the wonderful world of Spera.