Life Drawing 002

I went to Union Square with a couple of my friends, David Yamato and Brian Lei, today to draw people walking around.  I sketched out a few drawings (a lot were seated poses), saw a young artist sketching (would have been great to see what she was drawing) and enjoyed our time for the most part  but not until a group of people started to sing really cheesy Christian songs.

Then we decided to go to David’s dorm and check out his fashion magazines.  I picked out the best pictures/models to draw and this is what I did.

Sketch Dump 002

I bought myself a Lamy fountain pen along with Noodler’s Bulletproof Ink a month ago and I’ve been using it since then.  This is a page in my sketchbook done solely with the Lamy fountain pen. Loving it so far.

No reference. So, figures are exaggerated and stylized.

Bullshark Process

The idea behind this piece was to design an animal creature to be displayed in an exotic zoo.  The creature needed to be a combination of a mammal and a non-mammal.  So, I drew two thumbs of creatures I thought would be interesting.  One was part bat and part fly because bats love eating insects.  Second was part bull and part shark because they’re both dangerous animals (well, nothing compared to a Hippocrab but definitely a lot scarier than a coral-finned-pangolin-boxfish and a crog).  I couldn’t decide which one to pick so I brought my thumbs to Robert Hunt.  Robert ripped the batfly thumb in half and told me to go for the bullshark.

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